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La mia metodologia - My methodology

Uso il metodo comunicativo diretto
: cerco di usare sempre la lingua che insegno, anche quando sto spiegando nozioni di grammatica della lingua. Faccio uso di foto, video, audio, canzoni, estratti da film, ecc. oltre che naturalmente di testi e pagine web preparate da me per ogni studente e per ogni livello.
Le lezioni online sono generalmente di 30m o un'ora. Comprendono, ad esempio, ripasso di grammatica e vocabolario, conversazione, lettura e comprensione di testi, ascolto o visione di documenti audiovisivi ed esercizi mirati alle esigenze dello studente. Le mie tariffe sono molto contenute.
Contattatemi se volete maggiori informazioni.

I use the communicative method: I always try to use the target language, even when I am explaining some grammar notions. I use photos, videos, audio files, songs, film excerpts, etc. besides of course texts and web pages I prepare for each student and for each level of competence.
Online lessons usually last 30m or one hour. They may include grammar and vocabulary revision, conversation, reading of texts for comprehension, listening or viewing of audiovisual documents and activities tailored to the student's needs. My rates are very reasonable.
If you are a language teacher, check what is available on the blog or ask me for specific teaching resources.
Contact me
if you want to know more.

Contatto telefonico - Phone contact

Per chi abita nella zona di Sydney - For those who live in the Sydney area: 0422 909080

mercoledì 1 luglio 2009

Typing Italian and Spanish accents...

Are you a Windows user? Do you need help with typing accents on your keyboard? Here is what you need...
This is to reset your Windows keyboard: http://www.studyspanish.com/accents/typing.htm
Colby Education
This deals with specific accents used in Italian:
Typing accents online
Try this to type online and copy and paste your text (with accents) from/into anywhere else:

Hope you find this bit of info useful! Happy typing...

martedì 30 giugno 2009

La acentuación en español - Spanish accents

Do you not know how to use accents in Spanish?
Are you not sure when to put an accent on a word?
This simple guide to Spanish accentuation will help you understand how accents work in Spanish and become more accurate in your writing skills.
You can also check the following weblinks for further readings:
Cómo acentuar en español (Word document, by Miguel Ángel Monjas Llorente)
Spanish accentuation: general rules (in-depth English explanation)
Accentuation of Spanish words (pdf document, from Texas State University)
Spanish Accentuation Practice (in-depth explanation and interactive activities) 
Everything you ever wanted to know about Spanish accents  
(in-depth pdf document by Cecilia Brain, University of Western Ontario)

lunedì 29 giugno 2009

La familia de Manolo - for Spanish Beginners

Complete this passage with the appropriate possessives and adjectives.
Test your ability and check yourself for correct answers. Have fun!

My Youtube channel

My Youtube channel
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